The Adventures Of Daisy Dorall: Chapter 7

I sighed, glancing up at Timmy. Defeat and exhaustion covered his face.

I probably look the same way, I thought miserably. Shifting my gaze towards the window of the old man’s house, I wondered if I could see inside. I climbed up on a rocking chair, but just as I was lifting my chin over the windowsill, Timmy stopped me.

“Don’t.” he whispered.

I tumbled to the ground with a loud thunk. Frowning, I stood up.

“You startled me,” I mumbled, smoothing the creases of my dress.

Timmy chuckled. “You looked like a chicken falling off it’s coop.”

I giggled a little bit too, glad to see a smile on Timmy’s face. “What are we going to do now,” I asked.

Timmy’s smile drained from his face. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “All I know is that we should get going and trust the good Lord will keep us safe.”

“But where will we sleep?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

Timmy sighed. “I told you I don’t have a plan yet,” He gave a nervous glance up at the sky. “Now stay here for a minute while I think.”

Angry, I turned and rebelliously walked down the steps. I didn’t need Timmy’s help or commands.

As if God was reminding I was wrong, rain began to bounce off of the tin roof of the old man’s house. I was caught in a thunderstorm.

“Wait!” a voice pleaded.

I turned around, squinting against the sharp beads of rain that clouded my view. I knew what I had to do. Scurrying under the porch overhang, I glanced up, expecting to find Timmy.

But instead, there stood the old man, peeking his wrinkly face out the door.

“I-I’ve changed my mind,” he said quickly. “I miss Ann- my granddaughter, I mean. She died two months ago, and ever since I’ve never opened my doors to anyone else. Too afraid I s’pose. But she was just like you- all talkative and pretty. Now will you please come in? I have a fear of lightning. And I may be a grumpy old man who lives in the middle of nowhere, but I can sure know better than to leave you in a storm. Now, please, please come in,”

“Excuse me, Sir,” I said. I turned towards Timmy. “Please forgive me. I was being rebellious and disobeying you, which is wrong. Will you forgive me?”

Timmy smiled, wrapping me in a bear hug. “Of course. Now go dry off- you got me all wet!”

I grinned, shivering and wet to the bone. I was exhausted. Timmy gave me his handkerchief to sop up the water on my face. The old man hurried to get an blanket, simply glad he was out of the storm himself.

Inside the little house was a burning fireplace and a humble rug beside it. Two little chairs sat facing the warmth of the flames, and a sleeping kitten curled up on one of them. When the old man returned, he handed me a blanket. Groggily, I thanked him and slid into one of the chairs. Pretty soon, I had nodded off into a peaceful sleep. The last thing I thought was, God really was keeping us safe. 

To be continued…


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