The Shoebox

A little girl named Autumn pressed her cheek against the window, watching the rain pour down out of the sky. Tall buildings surrounded her high-rise apartment and cars flew down the slippery road. People outside ran frantically through the busy streets, trying to avoid getting wet. Others sulked as they pulled out dark-colored umbrellas and looked up at the sky with dismay.

Autumn closed her eyes, listening to the rain drumming down on her roof. She paused for a second, soaking in the calming, rhythmic sound that it made. Shaking her head, Autumn wondered how anyone could dislike the rain.

Rain meant cuddling under blankets, putting together puzzles, drinking hot chocolate, looking at picture books, and taking little naps under a pillow fort.

She paused for a moment, remembering the time when bad weather had ruined a beach day. Autumn recalled the dark sky, pouring rain, and rumbling thunder as her family began driving towards the west coast. Unfortunately, the storm became so wild that they had to pull over just fifteen minutes after leaving their neighborhood.

It was obvious that the beach day was canceled.

When Autumn’s family returned home, her mom brewed a cup of coffee, pulled out a pile of blankets, and snuggled with Autumn while watching the rain outside the window. Soon the thunder and lightning trailed off, leaving only a slight drizzle behind.

Autumn’s mom slipped the blanket off her legs. “I have an idea,” she announced. A few minutes later, she returned with two shoe boxes held behind her back.

“When I was a little girl,” she began, “I used to wear these all the time, and now, I am going to pass them on to you.”


She handed one of the shoe boxes to Autumn, who eagerly opened it. Inside were a pair of old fashioned rain boots a faint white-ish color. Autumn gently took the shoes out of the box and put them on her little feet.

Her mom pulled the second shoe box out from behind her back and set it down on the floor.

Autumn’s eyes widened with surprise as the box was opened. Inside were another pair of rain boots her mom’s size!

“How would you feel about me joining you?” Autumn’s mom asked playfully.

“You’re going to get all wet just to do this with me?” Autumn giggled.

“Why, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” her mother exclaimed.


The sound of a neighbor’s car rolling into the driveway interrupted Autumn’s thoughts. She turned to the window again, a big smile creeping over her lips. The sky was now a clear blue color. Running into her bedroom, Autumn pulled out her rain boots and slipped them on. Then, with a little squeal of delight, she flew out her front door and splashed into the biggest puddle she could find.