The Escapade



I woke up, still groggy from sleep. It was dark out, and I felt so tired and cold it was hard to think clearly about anything, especially that loud noise, so I just ignored it.

The next morning, I happened to glance over at my sister’s dwarf hamster cage. The wheel that was usually attached to the top of the cage lay on our bathroom floor, disconnected. We think my sister’s hamster, Rob, had rolled around so much in his wheel that he unscrewed it!

“Natalie! Come here!” I hollered.

We frantically searched underneath our beds and in every possible corner of our room. I kept trying to put myself in Rob’s place, wondering where a little tiny dwarf hamster might hide on a chilly, winter’s night.

Rob was still missing, and our mom wanted us to come downstairs to get ready for school.

We shoved a few pairs of our shoes in front of our bedroom door to “seal” the crack in order to make it easier to find Rob. To be honest, I was a little scared that our dog, Jack, had eaten him, but my dad thought he was in our closet. He called it a theme park for dwarf hamsters, and added that there was no way Rob could get downstairs.

After school we looked again, but still failed to locate Natalie’s pet. I was getting tired of searching for Rob, and our room looked like a bomb had exploded in it.

Natalie and I just decided to call it a night and went to bed.

Later that evening, my brother found Rob. Somehow, the little 3 inch dwarf hamster had made it down our 8 inch, 14 stairs all the way down the hall to our school room. He had raced by Brenner’s feet and surprised him!




6 thoughts on “The Escapade

  1. Steve says:

    That’s a great story and I loved the expression that your closet was a theme park for hamsters. Keep up the great work. All my love to you!!


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