The Staple-Gun Girl


It was dark when Christine awoke.

“He-hello?” she stuttered.

There was no answer.

She slipped out of bed and stood at the door to listen. A faint sound could be heard outside in the hallway. Christine gulped, and slowly peeked underneath the crack of her bedroom door.

“…You get the cash stocked in her room, I’ll take out the high-tech security systems.” a deep voice growled.

Christine almost screamed. But she knew better and kept her mouth shut.

Her secret agent parents were gone on a mission in Europe, so she was alone. Bitting her lip in fear, she turned to face her closet. Christine shoved back her clothes, and then slammed the red button on her closet wall. An ear-piercing noise filled the house. “Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” The alarm would notify Christine’s parents that she was in danger, but there wasn’t much they could do in Europe. She would have to figure this one out on her own.

Just then, the door began to rip away from it’s hinges.

Christine jumped into her closet as soon as her door fell down. The floor beneath her dropped open, and her closet plummeted through the ground with a swish. She could hear the angry, muffled cries of her intruders above. As her escape pod closet began to slow down, the doors slid open, and Christine ran through the empty hallway. When she glanced backward, she saw that the closet had returned to her room, which meant-Christine stopped herself-the intruders were probably riding it in that very moment!

She kept running. Glancing around nervously, Christine wondered where to hide. Just as her closet arrived, she hopped into a mostly-empty trash can.

“Where is she, Dylan?!” one of the burglars demanded, barging through the closet doors.

“I don’t know where she is yet,” Dylan mumbled. “But I’ll find her.” His pistol was cocked.

Christine kept quiet, her nose scrunched up at the horrible smell of trash. Nevertheless, she began digging through the junk in it. She found some chewed-up gum, pepper spray, a staple gun, and scraps of paper. Christine decided to keep the staple gun and pepper spray and wait quietly for another minute. Then, when she thought that no one was looking, Christine crept out of her hiding spot.

Unfortunately, Dylan noticed her, and fired his gun. “There she is!” he roared. After his second shot, he found that he was out of ammo. Sprinting towards the trash can, Dylan tossed the useless gun. Christine screwed her eyes shut as tight as she could, and shot the pepper spray right into the man’s eyes. He screamed and fell to the ground in pain. When Dylan’s partner ran over, he received the same, literally burning treatment.

Christine quickly sprayed the last of the can into their faces, and dragged the two angry men to the wall. Pushing them hard up against it, she stapled their baggy clothes to the wall as fast as she could.

“That should hold you for a few minutes,” Christine muttered. She raced up a winding staircase to a huge, glass-wall room. It was bullet proof, easy to see through, and had a staircase that could fold up so that no one could get in.

When she was safely behind the clear glass walls, Christine felt like plopping on the couch, watching T.V., and eating cupcakes. But secret agents- even secret agent’s middle school daughters- don’t have time for that. They always had to be ready for anything, and use whatever they had, even a staple gun that someone had thrown away.


9 thoughts on “The Staple-Gun Girl

  1. Rayne says:

    Is this a new series? I hope so! ❤

    Your writing style is only getting better. I like the way you brighten your dialogue by using verbs other than "said". "Muttered", "demanded", "growled", and "mumbled" make your dialogue more vivid. I love it! 🙂

    You and your cliff-hangers! Can't wait to see what's coming next!!!


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