Music Review: This Is Not A Test

urlSix time Grammy award winner TobyMac, released the new album,”This Is Not A Test” on August 7. The 15 songs are packed with upbeat tunes and God-honoring lyrics. Their funky sound features horns, pop, soul, hip-hop, rock, and a beat that makes you want to dance.

Toby has been singing since 1987, when the band dc Talk came out. (That was a long time ago-when my dad was a kid!) The band was popular in the 80s, but Toby decided to leave in order to pursue a solo career. He’s won the American Music Award twicethe Billboard Music Award twice as a Christian artist, the Dove Award 13 times, and one Grammy award.

It seems like whatever is popular that year, Toby includes in his music. For instance, this year, it’s horns and pop. In 2013, it was dubstep. He really seems to pay attention to what’s hot in the music industry. But is every song worth buying on his new album? In my opinion, no. I think that some songs are a little too repetitive, while others just aren’t my taste. Although, my personal favorite song, Like A Match, is my “happy music.” It has a bouncy sound that always makes me smile.

I think that the album is one of Toby’s best. Here’s the music video to one of his songs, Feel It. Tell me what you think below! Enjoy!

TobyMac – Feel It ft. Mr. TalkBox Official Music Video 



15 thoughts on “Music Review: This Is Not A Test

  1. Daddy says:

    For the record, I was 17, which I guess qualifies as a kid though your brother might disagree.

    Interesting review.

    You ask us to tell you what we think of the video, but you never tell us what you think. Shouldn’t you go first?

    But since you asked, I love the song and I think the video does a good job of telling a couple of stories as well without distracting from the song itself.

    I think that TobyMac’s getting some heat for copying the feel and tone of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” I agree with you–he seems on top of the latest wave of music trend, and this time, it seems like he is copying. Next to each other, they are pretty different, but they are definitely both funky, as you said.

    I enjoyed reading your review and look forward to more of your thoughts about music, movies and books. (Who am I kidding–I love reading almost everything you write)


    • Allison says:

      Thanks, Daddy. I thought the music video was great, especially the “ah..bring it back now” part. I also liked the way he told some stories, although, at first I was a little confused by the girl upset with her boyfriend. (You explained that, though.) Thanks for being a loyal follower!


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