The Death Of Daisy Dorall

There’s a funeral being held for Daisy Dorall today.

The series started out looking okay, but I hadn’t planned anything beyond the first few posts. I felt like I had to publish things, even though sometimes it was a post I disliked. The Adventures Of Daisy Dorall was just another series that got messy, because I don’t plan ahead enough.

But that’s okay, because my blog is a place for experiments. A place for me to just write and learn how to engage an audience. You as the reader are so very important to me, and I want to publish work you enjoy.

I want to write things that cause you to react and interact. Along the way, I might discover that I need to stop and start again, though.

So don’t mourn Daisy’s death for too long- there’s a lot of exciting new things coming in the future.

You’ll find:

  • better-thought out series
  • journalism
  • more diary posts
  • reviews of music and restaurants and books and who knows what else,
  • and of course — good old fiction.

So wipe away those tears. There’s a ton more fun stuff to come!


10 thoughts on “The Death Of Daisy Dorall

  1. Mike Adamson says:

    So, you just shot Daisy through heart with a rifle and then just shrugged. Your characters are starting to make more sense to me. :-0


  2. Daddy says:

    It is fun to be invited into this experiment with you, Allison. We will all be able to say we knew you “back when…”
    Thanks for letting us be part of it with you!


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