The Adventures Of Daisy Dorall: Chapter 5

urlSorry this is late. I’m going to try to post more often over the summer. If you forgot what happened in Chapter 4, here’s a reminder.

I smiled, sadness washing over me. Lots of people had told me that I was a mini version of my dad. I had the same headstrong, and knowing personality of my father. But I wasn’t anything like my mom, which didn’t bother me. I was like my dad, and that was what mattered.

Suddenly, I wondered if Timmy remembered my mom. “Do you remember her?” I blurted out.

Timmy frowned. “Who?”

“My mom.” I replied.

Deep in thought, Timmy tapped a finger to his chin. He glanced up at the sunset and its streaks of orange and pink, the bright sun peeking behind the mountains.

He hadn’t thought of that woman since her funeral. Finally, he nodded.

“Can you please tell me about her?” I begged.

Timmy sighed. “We’d better a find a place to spend the night first. The sun’s going down real quick, and in the dark, there’s no telling what’s out here.” Hopping off the carriage, he helped me down.

“You didn’t answer my question!” I exclaimed.

Shading his eyes, Timmy squinted against the sun. A small, western motel lay a few yards away, tucked away in the trees.

“Did she like you?” I pressed.

Annoyed, Timmy mumbled, “Stay close behind me, or walk right next to me. Your mother is not important right now.” And although stubborn, I was also obedient. So I listened to him.

“There’s nothing to worry about, right?” I asked, searching his face. A few seconds passed.

Timmy tried to smile, but worry creased his brow. “Just stay close.” he commanded.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I demanded.

“Just follow me and stay quiet,”

We were almost to the little rest stop, and I had just realized that we had no idea who lived there. For all we knew, it could be a drunk wild man, or a bunch of outlaws, or a lot of other things! I shivered, shaking off the thought. I had to trust God and Timmy.

Slowly, Timmy pulled to the side of the bumpy road, tying the horse’s reigns to a huge oak tree.

“This place could be a nice old lady’s motel,” Timmy said, tightening the knot. “Or it could be something else. But whatever it is, we need to be prepared, okay?”

Gulping, I nodded.

“So if I tell you to run away, I want you to do that, even if it seems like you shouldn’t. Just get away, and hide somewhere safe. I know we’re far from home, but I think you’ll be able to figure something out. Got it?”

I tried my best to smile. “It’s not going to happen though…”


To be continued…



7 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Daisy Dorall: Chapter 5

    • Allison says:

      You’ll have to find out! I’m hoping to publish this week or weekend. (It may be a Break Post.) Glad you’re on the edge of your seat though. 🙂


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