The Adventures Of Daisy Dorall: Chapter 2

Dear Readers, I will be in Georgia for the week, so I probably won’t be able to post. (Just a reminder that in Chapter One, a bandit rushed up to Daisy and Timmy’s wagon. Let’s see what happens next…)

He wore a face mask, only showing his beady eyes. “Put yer hands up,” the bandit commanded. I dropped my basket, letting it clatter to the rocky road. Without even realizing it, my hands shot up into the air.

“You too,” he growled, motioning towards Timmy.

Timmy slowly raised one arm, while digging into his pocket. A shiny rifle was quickly produced as Timmy pulled the trigger back. A bang rang loud and clear, as a tiny bullet flew into the bandit’s heart. He roared in pain, falling back onto the road. Then there was silence.

Timmy put his gun down, and hopped off the wagon. “Sorry ’bout that,” he mumbled, dragging the dead body to the side of the road. I shrugged, and carefully retrieved my basket. After all, I would probably have to get used to death.


The next morning, we set off on our journey. The blazing sun scorched my skin, as we traveled further and further. I think Timmy could sense I was wondering about the ranch, so he said,

“Daisy? You thinkin’ ’bout something?” Slightly embarrassed, I nodded.

“It’s just-well, you never really told me what the ranch was. No one did. Was I supposed to get what it was?” I stopped suddenly, hoping Timmy didn’t think that was rude. And he didn’t.

He simply smiled, and said, “The ranch is a place for orphaned girls like you. A nice, well-respected young woman named Katherine runs the cabins- never had kids- feeds the girls, clothes them, everything.” He slapped the reigns, and then added, “You’ll like it there, I promise.” I nodded, wondering if he was right.

Then, after a moment of silence, Timmy asked, “You okay?”

“Um hum.”

“Are you sure?”

“Um hum.”

Timmy sighed. “Daisy, I know something’s up. What’s going on?”

I glanced down at the floor before I answered, “It’s just, well- leaving my home is hard, and starting over is even harder. It’s not as easy as it seems, too- just turning the page and beginning all over again!” Hot tears burned in my eyes, as I spluttered, “I-I just don’t know what to do!”

I glanced at Timmy through blurry eyes, tired and angry. “Sweet Daisy,” he began, grabbing my hand. “That’s exactly what Jesus is for.”

To be continued..


Everyday Angel: Last Wishes

51Bhit2WxJL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Adventures of Daisy Dorall will continue right after this. Sorry I couldn’t publish over the weekend. Enjoy!

As I browsed through my school’s class library, a pink spine caught my attention. Carefully, I pulled the book out, and read the back. Following my usual tradition, I peeked at the first few pages. And soon, Everyday Angel became a book I just couldn’t put down.


In the third novel of a three book series, a guardian angel named Aria must help three girls in order to earn her wings. Her final mission is in bustling New York City, where she crosses paths with prima ballerina Mikayla Stevens. Unfortunately, Mikayla’s family is facing some money troubles, and although once in love with dance, Mikayla now feels the pressure to be a first-place ballerina. She wants to help her family, but she isn’t sure if this is “her life” anymore. Does she really like dance, or is Mikayla just doing it because her parents expect her to win?

Why I Liked It:

The reason I enjoyed Everyday Angel so much was because Aria was a very like-able character. She reminded me of myself, actually, due to the fact that we are both imaginative, friendly people. Also, I liked the way the author wrote the story- as if she were a 12 year-old girl, understanding the way the characters thought and acted.

First Or Last: Does It Matter?

My suggestion would be to read the first book in the series before you read the last one. Because Aria’s on a mission- each book tells the story of every girl she helps- it’s not going to mess up the entire series, although it does reveal the ending of Aria’s journey. I haven’t read any of the other books yet, although my teacher said she ordered them for me.

And I can reassure you, I will definitely be reading the rest when they arrive.

(To read the first few pages of the book from Amazon yourself, click here.) 🙂