The Terrible Twins Chapter 3: Updated

Sorry this is so late. (For Chapter 2, click here.) Thanks for your patience!

Melissa stared as Mrs. Grouchre thumped down the hall. Then she jumped on top of Meredith. The poor victim yelped in pain, screeching, “Why’d you do that?”

Melissa pointed out the window at Mrs. Grouchre. “Cause I’ve got that grouch to catch. That’s why!” Melissa hopped down, while stepping on her sister’s foot. “Now are you coming or not?”

Meredith looked on from her seat. “Where?”

“Down the hall. Where Mrs. Grouch went.”

“I don’t know, Melissa. This sounds sort of risky,”

“Oh, I get it. You’re scared of Mrs. Grouchre!” Melissa yelled.

“Am not, and I’ll prove it!” her sister retorted.

Melissa sighed. “Ok, ok. You can come. ” A huge grin on her face, Meredith tip-toed down the hall. Both girls safely dodged all of the camp counselors, except one. They were passing the camp clinic, when an older gentlemen stopped them.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded. Meredith suddenly clutched her ankle.

“My sister, Mimi is hurt. I came here to get a band-aid.” Melissa narrowed her eyes and said, “You do have band-aids, right?”

So, the man handed “Mimi” her band-aid, and let them pass. When the twins arrived at the door Mrs. Grouchre had gone in, they stopped. “Oh no! How are we ever going to get in?” Melissa gasped. Meredith laughed at her sister’s sarcasm, and ripped down the sign.

“Done that. Now what?”

“Open the door,” Melissa replied, with a cruel grin. “I dare you.”

To be continued…



One thought on “The Terrible Twins Chapter 3: Updated

  1. Allison says:

    Hey Readers,
    I am hoping to publish a break post this weekend. (Most likely not another chapter in Terrible Twins.) I’d really like to post sometime this week. Thanks for your patience!!


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