The Terrible Twins: Chapter 2 (for real)

SilveradoCostner-1Thank you all for waiting so patiently. If you need a refresher on Chapter 1, click here. Happy New Year!

I could tell Mrs. Grouchre was mad. Anyone could tell. Her face was flushed, and she was mumbling under her breath, “Those twins! If they do one more bad thing, so help me, I will-” And then Mrs. Grouchre would try to think of a really bad punishment. But she could never think of one despicable enough.

When Mrs. Grouchre reached room 104, her brains were about to burst. By then, she wanted to scream at Melissa & Meredith’s parents, and tell them the twins were banned from Christmas Camp. But she didn’t have the authority to do that, so Mrs. Grouchre would just have to make them want to leave.

Mrs. Grouchre barged inside the classroom where the twins were waiting. Melissa’s eyes got all big-like saucers-and looked guilty. Meredith though, being the braver twin, glared. It was a lot like a showdown. Mrs. Grouchre was the sheriff, Melissa was the bold cowboy, and Meredith was watching from a distance.

The “sheriff” walked over to Melissa, and said with a forced smile, “You both will not be going out to recess today. Or lunch. Instead, you will eat here with me. Won’t that be nice?” The words were growled through clenched teeth.

“Cowboy” Melissa narrowed her eyes. “Make me!” she challenged.

Mrs. Grouchre looked a little shocked, but quickly snapped back to reality. She was arguing with the Makleen twins. “I’m sorry, but no one challenges me,” Mrs. Grouchre answered. She carefully grabbed a pickle jar, just in case. She threw it once; she would throw it again. Meredith remembered, and screamed when she saw it.

I challenged you,” Melissa answered back. Mrs. Grouchre got so mad that she squirmed and wiggled her arms, in an angry antsy dance. While she hopped about, Mrs. Grouchre banged her foot into the corner of a desk.

“SIT DOWN!” she screeched in pain. “BOTH OF YOU…NOW!!” Meredith immediately plopped down, but wore a rebellious expression on her face. It took a little bit longer to get Melissa to sit down, though.

“I’ll never sit down! EVER!” Melissa shouted back. And that was just about as much as Mrs. Grouchre could handle. She did one, big antsy dance toward the door, huffing and puffing the whole way.

To be continued…in the all-new series!


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