Crazy For Cupcakes

IMG_6155cs A few days ago, my sister and I were invited to help our close friends decorate around 300 cupcakes for a wedding. We instantly accepted the invitation, knowing it would really help the family out. How hard could it be, anyway?

 “Olivia was thinking you guys could come at 8:00,” their mom explained.

“WHAT?!” I gasped. 8:00 a.m.? It was tiring just to think about.

Thankfully, my mom pushed the time back to 8:30. “8:00 is unrealistic,” she stated. Phew!


My alarm went off at exactly 7:15. I turned the horrid thing off, barely awake. Knowing that I had to get up eventually, I decided to roll out of bed a few minutes later. Grabbing my bathrobe, I stumbled downstairs. It took me awhile to do anything, but I eventually barged into my parents room. I probably looked like a zombie.

“Are you okay?” my mom asked. I nodded. I was only tired.

We left the house and arrived just a little late. The kitchen was loaded with cupcakes on the counter, icing on the stove, and edible decorations covering our entire work area.

Ms. Becky, the cupcake host, showed us how to ice the cupcakes professionally. Breanna tried it out first. Gripping the large, lopsided tube, she squeezed out the homemade frosting. Her first attempt wasn’t perfect, but eventually turned out great.

Each of us used the fascinating icing bag to decorate the treats. We all loved it, and felt very professional. Dreams of having a summertime business together were even considered. And to tell you the truth, I actually loved icing those cupcakes.

Now I just can’t wait to eat them. 🙂

The picture above is not our cupcakes, but looks a lot like them.