The Time Travel Machine…Part 12

Emma stared up into the man’s brown eyes. “Nabeel?” she gasped in bewilderment. The man stared back at Emma.

“It is I,” Nabeel answered slowly. “And why are you here, may I ask?”

Emma gulped, and then poured out her story from the time she was thrown out of the castle, to the time she arrived at the well. She explained that the pocket knife was also not meant to threaten or hurt anyone.

Nabeel gave Emma an understanding look as she finished, and then bent down to her height. “I shouldn’t let you in, but I’m going to. You’re a good soul, Emma, and I believe that the queen will come to see that.” Stretching up to his full height, Nabeel continued. “Come on now! I can’t just let person after person in. I’ll probably get in big trouble for all of this.”

Emma smiled, thanked Nabeel, and raced towards the well where she was to meet up with Marian. Sweat trickled down one side of Emma’s forehead. “Hey Marian!” gasped Emma, who was out of breath completely. Marian’s face dulled as her friend drew closer.

Why did Marian look so…angry?

Upon arriving at the well, Emma vividly told of her adventures. After telling Marian her story, Emma realized that the two girls had to get a move on. “We probably should go now, Marian. I need to convince Cleo that I’m innocent before someone kills me.” The modern girls’ eyes twinkled as she said this.

Marian nodded, and stood up. “I’ll lead the way up to the castle doors.” she said quietly. Both girls trudged up the sandy slope and stood in front of the huge, gated castle. Emma held her breath as Marian pounded her fist against the iron gate.

There was a moment of silence before the door behind the gate swung open. Emma kept her eyes screwed shut, praying a silent prayer to Jesus. A clear voice echoed through the air. “Hello?”

Emma opened one eye. Before her, stood the tall, beautiful queen. “Emma! Uh-what a surprise…and Marian? I haven’t seen you for…quite a while.” Emma glanced at Marian. The young slave’s eyes were locked on the sandy floor.

“I’m here to let you know that this whole thing has been a HUGE misunderstanding.” Emma said desperately. Her large eyes stared up into the Queens’. “And that I’m innocent as a puppy.” she added quickly.

Cleopatra smiled weakly, but said nothing. This made Emma even more impatient than before. To show her impatience, Emma tapped a sneakered foot on the desert floor.

“If you have something to say, you will have to come to the Guest Room.” Cleopatra announced dryly. Emma nodded.

“Okay,” she replied, wondering what a Guest Room was.

“Right this way, Emma,” Cleopatra waved a hand towards the gate. Emma stood her ground, eyes locked with the queen. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” she asked. Emma thought she saw a sharp look of anger in the women’s eye, but it soon disappeared.

A fake smile flew over the queen’s face. “Why, yes, of course. I almost forgot. Marian, won’t you join us?” The request sounded more like a command than a question.

Marian just glared, and soon noticed Emma saw it.  “Oh,” she began, her eyes flaming. “You’re probably wondering why we are both so tense.” Emma was beyond wondering. She was way confused.

“Awhile back we had a disagreement,” started Marian. “That changed everything. When Cleopatra married Aziz, and became queen, two worlds began to form. She was queen in the Royal World, and I was a poor girl in the Poor World.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Emma. She glanced over at Cleopatra.

“We’re cousins,” she stated simply. Emma’s jaw dropped.

“WHAT?!” she almost screamed. “You guys are…are cousins?!” Marian nodded, stone silent. Then, in a split-second, she darted off.

Oh no! thought Emma. The Time Travel Machine!