The Time Travel Machine…Concluded!

time-travel Emma could barely think. Marian and Cleopatra…cousins? It seemed impossible. The queen who once seemed so regal and perfect had turned out to be…well, not perfect.Emma sighed. Instantly the phrase her mom had used so much flooded back to her. “Looks are deceiving, Emma. They really are,” Mrs. Biddington would say. Emma now knew her mother was right.

“Listen, Cleopatra. I have an idea. But I’m gonna need your help. Are you willing to hear me out?” The young queen lifted her eyes toward Emma. “Okay. Good. So you and Marian are different. I get it. But you’re still cousins. And you can’t change that, even if you don’t like each other.” Emma said.

Cleo stared hard at the ground.

“Anyway, I have a plan,” Emma added quickly. “A plan to bring you two together again.” And Emma began further explaining her plan in great detail. Once she was finished, Emma asked the queen to follow her into the desert. “Let’s retrace our steps- you know, the ones we took when we first met. I’m guessing Marian will be out there somewhere.”

Cleopatra agreed, and the two set off on their journey. They wound their way through a curious crowd of people. Peasants crowded around, watching their queen leave her kingdom. This was a very rare and strange sight! After exiting the gated kingdom, Emma pushed through the burning desert. “Are…we…almost to” The queen gasped. She chugged some water down her parched throat.  Emma answered only in a nod.

Hours later, both were delirious from the heat. “I think I see Mom!” Emma mumbled, as she pointed at a heap of gold sand. Cleopatra shook her head slowly.

“You’re just….imagining it, Emma!” But Emma was so weak she collapsed right there. Cleopatra’s eyes widened in horror. “What am I to do?” she asked. If only Marian was here, Cleopatra thought to herself. She would know exactly what to do! The water-deprived queen winced as the sun beat down on her back. I need help! But the queen could also stand it no longer. Her wobbling knees gave out, and Cleopatra fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Marian was stumbling around the desert herself. She had more practice though, and had thought to bring water. The surviver had not yet become delirious, but was close to it. Now she wandered towards a clump of something. It looked almost like…was that…two people? Marian suddenly shook the thought off. I’m getting delirious- I know it! she thought fiercely. But her theory was actually correct. As she stepped closer, she fell upon Emma and Cleopatra! “Oh!” she gasped.

Instantly, Marian took action. She bent down, and poured the remainder of her water on both girls. It was only a couple of drips on their foreheads, but at least it was something. Marian tried her best to bring back Emma, and after seeing she was okay, attempted to help Cleopatra. Emma was awake and okay now, despite the fact that she was weak. Now both girls tried hard to wake Cleo.

“I can’t do it,” Marian gasped at last. Her eyes brimmed over with tears. “I don’t know what else to do!” Emma nodded, letting a wet tear slip down her cheek.

“You’ve done what you can, Marian.” she answered quietly. “You’ve done what you can.” There was a long pause of silence as Emma and Marian stared at Cleopatra. The only noise was soft crying. As Emma wiped away her tears, she noticed Cleopatras’ eyes flutter open. “Emma? Marian?”

Marian laughed happily. “It’s us!” she replied, as a fresh pair of tears rolled down her cheeks. “Oh, Cleopatra I feel so bad! I really do like you, and feel terrible I ran away! Will you ever forgive me?” she begged. Cleopatra grinned from ear to ear.

“Of course!” she answered. Both girls hugged happily, and then smiled at Emma. “What do we do now?” Cleopatra asked. Emma sighed.

“Well, you might as well know. I am actually from a totally different place: the future. I’ve been trying to tell you guys forever, but- but I was too scared. And I came here in a Time Travel Machine. It’s right over there, actually,” Emma said, as she pointed towards the machine. Marian’s jaw dropped. Emma carefully walked over to the machine and explained how she found it.

Then, very slowly she said, “Marian, Cleopatra- I belong in the future. I have a life of my own, parents of my own. And I need to go home.” Emma turned towards her friends. “You are both welcome to come. Will you join me?”

“I’m in,” Marian stated with a smile. Emma looked at Cleopatra.

“Are you?” she asked.  Cleopatra shook her head.

“Dearest Emma, I too have a life of my own. I believe I should stay here. But I’ll miss you!” she added. Emma nodded understandingly.

“Okay. Let’s go, Marian,” she called, as she stepped up into the machine. As soon as Marian was inside, the doors slid closed. “Bye!” Emma called. Marian waved as the Time Travel Machine shot up into the air. Emma wondered what adventures she would go on next. I guess I’ll never know until they happen, she thought excitedly. And boy was she right.

The End. 


The Time Travel Machine…Part 12

Emma stared up into the man’s brown eyes. “Nabeel?” she gasped in bewilderment. The man stared back at Emma.

“It is I,” Nabeel answered slowly. “And why are you here, may I ask?”

Emma gulped, and then poured out her story from the time she was thrown out of the castle, to the time she arrived at the well. She explained that the pocket knife was also not meant to threaten or hurt anyone.

Nabeel gave Emma an understanding look as she finished, and then bent down to her height. “I shouldn’t let you in, but I’m going to. You’re a good soul, Emma, and I believe that the queen will come to see that.” Stretching up to his full height, Nabeel continued. “Come on now! I can’t just let person after person in. I’ll probably get in big trouble for all of this.”

Emma smiled, thanked Nabeel, and raced towards the well where she was to meet up with Marian. Sweat trickled down one side of Emma’s forehead. “Hey Marian!” gasped Emma, who was out of breath completely. Marian’s face dulled as her friend drew closer.

Why did Marian look so…angry?

Upon arriving at the well, Emma vividly told of her adventures. After telling Marian her story, Emma realized that the two girls had to get a move on. “We probably should go now, Marian. I need to convince Cleo that I’m innocent before someone kills me.” The modern girls’ eyes twinkled as she said this.

Marian nodded, and stood up. “I’ll lead the way up to the castle doors.” she said quietly. Both girls trudged up the sandy slope and stood in front of the huge, gated castle. Emma held her breath as Marian pounded her fist against the iron gate.

There was a moment of silence before the door behind the gate swung open. Emma kept her eyes screwed shut, praying a silent prayer to Jesus. A clear voice echoed through the air. “Hello?”

Emma opened one eye. Before her, stood the tall, beautiful queen. “Emma! Uh-what a surprise…and Marian? I haven’t seen you for…quite a while.” Emma glanced at Marian. The young slave’s eyes were locked on the sandy floor.

“I’m here to let you know that this whole thing has been a HUGE misunderstanding.” Emma said desperately. Her large eyes stared up into the Queens’. “And that I’m innocent as a puppy.” she added quickly.

Cleopatra smiled weakly, but said nothing. This made Emma even more impatient than before. To show her impatience, Emma tapped a sneakered foot on the desert floor.

“If you have something to say, you will have to come to the Guest Room.” Cleopatra announced dryly. Emma nodded.

“Okay,” she replied, wondering what a Guest Room was.

“Right this way, Emma,” Cleopatra waved a hand towards the gate. Emma stood her ground, eyes locked with the queen. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” she asked. Emma thought she saw a sharp look of anger in the women’s eye, but it soon disappeared.

A fake smile flew over the queen’s face. “Why, yes, of course. I almost forgot. Marian, won’t you join us?” The request sounded more like a command than a question.

Marian just glared, and soon noticed Emma saw it.  “Oh,” she began, her eyes flaming. “You’re probably wondering why we are both so tense.” Emma was beyond wondering. She was way confused.

“Awhile back we had a disagreement,” started Marian. “That changed everything. When Cleopatra married Aziz, and became queen, two worlds began to form. She was queen in the Royal World, and I was a poor girl in the Poor World.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Emma. She glanced over at Cleopatra.

“We’re cousins,” she stated simply. Emma’s jaw dropped.

“WHAT?!” she almost screamed. “You guys are…are cousins?!” Marian nodded, stone silent. Then, in a split-second, she darted off.

Oh no! thought Emma. The Time Travel Machine! 


Finding A Voice

music-notes-clip-artDear Readers, I am SO sorry I haven’t written in ages. Life has been very busy for me. By the way, The Time Travel Series will continue right after this post. 

I stood facing the class, sweaty hands gripping my music sheet. It was after school in Chorus, and Mrs. Hurtt was trying to find the very person for a solo. Another teacher had noticed me singing with a group, and asked Mrs. Hurtt to try me out.

And even though I was nervous, I could still sing the solo perfectly. I detected a small look of excitement from the teacher who had suggested me. Silence swept over the room.

Mrs. Hurtt calmly asked me to repeat the line, and so I did. Every time I sang the words, I felt less nervous, and more comfortable. Once I finished, Mrs. Vallejo (the teacher who had picked me out) said that she had goosebumps on her arms. This made me happily surprised. I could do nothing but smile.

Each teacher in the room agreed that the part was a good fit. The two girls before me had beautiful voices, Mrs. Hurtt explained, they just weren’t the best person for that solo. I felt kind of bad that I was the one getting a solo, but soon realized that my fellow peers didn’t mind.

“You deserve the solo,” a girl told me. Grinning, I thanked her. Choral Club was ending, so the fun had to stop. As I packed up, my Social Studies TA (and Chorus teacher) came over to me.

“Wow,” she said smiling, “I didn’t know you had that voice in you,”

“Thanks,” I answered. “My mom’s a singer, too, so-”

“I can tell,” she replied. The smiling never ended.

When my mom came to pick me up, I couldn’t wait to tell her my news. I was bubbling over with excitement. And I want you to be there, too. If you can come, I will be very glad. The event is on Saturday, the 18th at the Clermont Music Festival. We will be having our first performance for the Greater Cancer Foundation at 1:30 pm. There should be food, games, and stuff for kids to do.

If you are able to come, please let me know! Questions? Just call us. Thanks! 🙂