The Time Travel Machine…Part 11

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Emma smiled. “Okay, so here’s my idea: we go back to Cleopatra’s castle, try to talk to her, and explain that I’m innocent.” Emma rubbed her chin before continuing. “Of course, we can’t just walk in as run-away slaves, so perhaps we should come up with an excuse for entering the city.”

Marian listened intently, and then said, “Okay. Let’s disguise ourselves as best as we can for now, and come up with fake profiles. We can split up, and then meet somewhere when we arrive.”

“Perfect! I’ll say that I’ve come from a distant land to trade with Egypt. I’ll pack rocks in my pockets so they sound like a bunch of coins, and I’ll also make my appearance a little bit more rich looking. It will be the best disguise ever!” Emma said excitedly.

“Uh- okay. For my disguise, I’m going to be a thirsty girl who is looking for a sip of water. There’s a well really close to the Queen’s castle,” Marian quickly added.  “And we can meet there, too.”

Emma nodded, and then both girls set off in two directions.

Marian went ahead of Emma, because she didn’t have to fix her appearance that much. The only thing that the girl added was a bit of dirt to hide the rosiness of her cheeks. Once finished preparing, Marian limped her way to the enclosed city. When she arrived, Marian banged pitifully on the big doors.

A man peeked his head out. “Yes?” he asked quietly. Marian slumped onto the hot, sandy floor.

“Please-do you have-water?” she gasped. The man gave an anxious glance about, and then opened the door some more.

“Well, yes, but I would get in trouble for letting you in. Oh!! Quickly, now! The well’s just ahead by the castle.” Marian smiled weakly, thanked the kindly man, and raced up the road. Once she arrived by the well, she gave a glance over her shoulder, and sat down.  Emma should be here really soon, Marian thought. She bit her lip and waited.

Meanwhile, Emma was trudging towards the door at that very moment. Her pockets were filled with heavy rocks, her face wiped clean. To her disappointment, the young girl hadn’t been able to create her own stilts. And, as she drew closer to the gate, Emma was beginning to wonder if Marian had been smarter about choosing a cover profile.

Well, there’s no turning back now! Emma thought persistently. Very loudly, she banged on the door. After a moment of silence, the door opened, and the same man’s head reappeared. “Yes?” he asked, strain showing in his voice.

Emma stared him straight in the eye. “Hi Mr! I am your friendly, yet obnoxious sales woman. I have all the top bargains: fortune cookies from China, fuzz from Africa, and much more! But wait! There’s more to your offer! I’ll even throw in some weird foods from here that you want!” Emma thrust a slip of paper forward that said buy now.

“All you have to do is let me in to buy everything you see!” The man gave Emma a cross-eyed look, and then a bewildered one. “Emma?” he gasped.

To be continued… (and concluded very soon!)



9 thoughts on “The Time Travel Machine…Part 11

  1. Mike Adamson says:

    Whoa! Great Cliffhanger. Looks like you’re about to bring back an earlier character. Nice job. Would it be possible to have your dad bring some of that African fuzz to the office? Would love to see some. Keep up the good work A.


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