The Time Travel Machine….Part 10

Emma and Marian had been in the gloomy tunnel for at least a day now. Both girl’s were famished, tired, frustrated, and hot. But that didn’t stop them from anything, and soon, the end of the tunnel really did come.

The moment it happened, Emma cheered as loud as she could. It was a time to celebrate, a time to be happy. The tunnel caved upward, light streaming from the world above. “Oh, light!” screamed Emma.

Marian, too, was glad to see the streaming, yellow sunshine. “I think I will forever hate the dark now,” she mumbled quietly. Emma grabbed the sides of the tunnel, and lifted herself up.

“Come on!” she called. Marian scrambled up the hole. The sun glinted in her eyes as she swung her leg up, and stood on the sandy floor of the earth. Carefully, Marian surveyed the area. “Phew! No guards around here,” she quickly commented, twisting a lock of her tangled hair.

Emma nodded in agreement. “And boy am I glad!” Both girls slowly trudged across the vast desert. Finally though, Emma spotted the Egyptian town that Cleopatra had once showed her. Emma’s shoulders slumped as she thought about the regal queen. She really did believe Cleo was a good person, she just well-didn’t understand everything. Emma suddenly had an idea.

It was a very brave, dangerous idea. But that didn’t stop Emma from doing it. With a growing smile, Emma suddenly turned to Marian.

“Marian? I think I have a plan.” Emma stopped to look Marian in the face. “Before I met you, I kind of became friends with the queen, and went into her palace, and everything. I know it sounds crazy, but it happened. Really, it did.” Marian wore a solemn look on her face, as Emma continued.

“We really trusted each other, until…” Emma sniffed. “Until I showed the queen this,” Carefully, Emma pulled out her pocket knife. “Cleopatra thought that this was a weapon, but where I come from, it’s just a toy. Anyway, the guards tossed me into the slave place, and well, you know the rest of the story.” Emma sighed, and stared up at Marian.

“Oh bother. You probably don’t want to hear about all my problems.” But before Emma could say anything more, Marian stopped her.

“Hey. Who said anything about that? We’re in this together!”

Emma smiled. “You mean it?” Marian nodded sincerely.

“Of course! Now, what’s the plan? I want to hear it.” Emma grinned wider now.

“How ’bout I tell you now?”

To be continued…but I need your help deciding HOW to continue it…



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