The Time Travel Machine…Part 9

ScorpionEmma and Marian crawled for a little while. Everything was quiet, everything was splendid. At least for awhile.

Soon, both girls felt positively drained. Emma began to feel pangs of hunger, and Marian was getting thirsty. Both girls’ throats felt as dry as the Sahara Desert. And to top it all off, Marian was feeling pessimistic.

“I bet…we’re gonna die…from…hunger!” gasped Marian. She clutched her throat. “Or thirst!” Emma turned, and pulled a strand of hair from her sweaty face.

“Marian?” she asked, her voice ringing with anger, “Do you think this is helpful? Do you think this makes me want to keep going? Cause it’s not!” Marian’s face suddenly froze. She stared at her companion, obviously stunned at what Emma had said.


Finally, Marian mumbled “I’m…sorry,” and kept crawling. That was the last time she spoke for awhile. Emma sighed and slowly turned, thoughts churning in her mind.

I should say something, she thought. I mean, I was being kind of rude.  Suddenly, Emma snapped into attention. Everything was quiet. Emma turned her head, looking around for Marian. “Marian?! Marian! Hey, where are you?!” All at once, Emma felt more frightened then she ever had. She turned around as best as she could in the small space, and yelled again.

With no success, Emma kept crawling. A hissing sound filled the air.  Emma wasn’t sure where the noise was coming from, but she was quite scared. How far can a girl crawl in two minutes? she thought with exasperation.

Emma stopped in her tracks. What could be looming in the tunnel? Emma gulped, and slowly backed up. Her knee bumped into the plate the girls’ had found earlier. Wait! thought Emma. I thought Marian stuck this in the wall! Emma slowly looked down. A small, hissing scorpion stood right in front of her. “AHHH!”

Frantically, Emma picked up the plate and threw it at the menacing insect. “Get away from me!” she screeched. “Get away!!” The scorpion jumped at Emma. “No!!” Picking up the plate, Emma smacked the scorpion flat.

Carefully, she peeled back the plate and found the scorpion dead. “Phew!” Emma thought, setting down the object. I’m so glad that plate was in here! She thought. Emma turned around in the small space, but stopped. Emma had thought she had heard a familiar voice behind her. It was Marian!

“You’r back!” Emma squealed, swiveling around. Marian stepped over the dead scorpion and hugged Emma. “Where have you been?” the young girl asked. Marian smiled.

“Just a little ways up,” she answered. “I felt like you didn’t need me, and decided on secretly going back home.”

Emma turned to face her friend. “I really am sorry about that. Please forgive me.”

Marian nodded eagerly. “I forgive you.” she answered.

Emma thanked Marian, and then added, “Oh, and one more thing: I will always want you around. Ok? Now listen, I think we’re almost there. We’ve got to be. So are you with me, or not?”

Marian grinned. “Totally!”

To be continued…






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