The Jungle Princess…Grand Finale

NT1021-1“My answer is…” Captain John smirked, “that I’ll take Elizabeth.” He laughed as he grabbed Elizabeth by the hair.

“OWWW!” screeched Elizabeth.

Isabelle frantically tried to pull Elizabeth by her ankles from Captain John’s tight grasp, but the pain just grew.


With one final yank, Captain John had pulled Elizabeth from Isabelle’s grasp. “You won’t get away with this!” Isabelle screamed at him.

But Captain John was already gone in the distance.

Isabelle knew that Elizabeth would be as good as gone if she didn’t try to rescue her, so she didn’t wait a second before planning her attack. Isabelle had Repeat supervise the situation from the sky, and told Great Arrow to follow Captain John silently in the shadows.

Now if Isabelle could only get there fast. She looked around. What could she use to- Wait! That’s it! she thought, the treasure chest! If I can just figure out where it is! Suddenly, Isabelle looked down and spotted a treasure map. She swooped down, and picked it up, fingering the rough paper.  On the front of the paper was the map part, and on the back of the paper was this strange riddle: “Twins are two. Two there is.”

Isabelle wondered what that meant. Still pondering, Isabelle followed the smudgy directions all the way to a rumbling waterfall she had named, “Thunder Falls”.

Isabelle gently placed the map on a seaweed-covered rock, and walked into the icy water. It felt good, tingling all the way up her legs and to her waist. She tried to think where a pirate would hide his treasure, when she felt water roar over head. Isabelle shot her hand through the strong waters and stopped. Was that the chest?

Isabelle stepped through the waterfall and stood, amazed at what she saw: a  huge, pad-locked, treasure chest. Carefully, she lugged the chest back to shore. Once there, Isabelle smashed it open. Inside were two treasure chests: or twins! Isabelle smiled, and pulled out the first chest and hid it behind a bush. Then she put mangos in the larger one for fake weight. Carefully, Isabelle lugged the chest through the jungle and to the shore of the island. Captain John was in the middle of trying to reconstruct a boat, but was failing.

“Hey, Captain!” Isabelle yelled. She held up the chest for him to see. “Want it? Give me Elizabeth and it’s yours!” She tossed the chest across the sand.

Instantly, Captain John lunged for the box. “Oh, treasure! How I love treasure!” he mumbled. “Elizabeth, you’re free.” he added quickly. Elizabeth walked over to Isabelle, and gave her a confused look.

“Trust me,” Isabelle whispered. Elizabeth nodded.

Meanwhile, Captain John was loading the chest onto his tiny “boat”. He was walloping with joy, and didn’t even care if the boat was completely useless. Using a makeshift oar, Captain John paddled away. Once a good ways in the ocean, he opened the chest.

“WHAT?!” his shocked screams could be heard from the shore. Elizabeth still looked puzzled.

“There were two chests in one,” explained Isabelle. “The first one had the real treasure, which I hid in a bush. The second box was empty, so for weight I added mangoes.” she smiled smugly, and chuckled. “And he fell for it!”

Elizabeth smiled warmly at her new friend. There was a long moment of silence before Elizabeth then said, “Isabelle? I really don’t have a home now, since I’m shipwrecked. Would you mind if I stayed?” she looked hopefully at Isabelle.

“Of course!” Isabelle laughed. And the two girls walked hand-in-hand back into the jungle.

The End.