Pages For Progress

Yesterday, my dad told me about an organization that gives $1 to world literacy and education programs. They do this for each page that you read. I learned, that, sadly 775 million adults can’t even read a sentence. Pages For Progress’ goal is to have a total of 20,015 pages read by 2015. That’s a lot, so I need your help.

Why This Matters To Me:

Without reading, I’m not sure how I’d even survive. Reading is a world of imagination, a place to escape to. I LOVE reading! So, it matters to me that people can’t read, because reading is a gift. And, I love helping people, which, hopefully, you do too.

How YOU can help:

If you can read, you can help. Read, read, read.

Count the amount of pages you read, go onto #Pages For Progress’ website and log in, & you’ve helped already. Just think — if you read 15 pages, you’ve given $15 toward helping adults and children alike to read. The website to put in the number of pages you’ve read is: Create an account, tell them your page count, and  you’ve helped.

Some Facts about #Pages For Progress I Learned: 

  • As of 2012, 31 million primary-school pupils worldwide dropped out of school. An additional 32 million repeated a grade.
  • Globally, 123 million youth (aged 15 to 24) lack basic reading and writing skills – 61% of them are young women.
  • In the U.S., children who can’t read at grade level by the 4th grade are 400% more likely to drop out of high school.
  • The end date of this competition is International Literacy Day.

Remember, you can change the number of people that can’t read by reading yourself. Thank you for your interest!