The Jungle Princess…Part 6

treasure_map___devil_island_by_dnostallone-d51ab7u“Ok, here’s the plan: we silently go down there, where Captain John is, and scare him. That’ll probably get him running…and hopefully running off the island.” Isabelle proposed.

Elizabeth nodded. “Ok. You go to his right, and I’ll go to the left.” Isabelle was excited, and really wanted Captain John off the island.

“Got it.” Quietly, she tiptoed down the ladder, around the back of the treehouse, and all the way to where Captain John stood. He was wildly waving his arms, in hope to fend off the animals. Isabelle looked at Elizabeth, and mouthed the words, “Go!”.

Then both girls moved behind Captain John. Then, at the same time, they jumped up.

“AHHH!” screeched Captain John.

Isabelle pulled out her spear, and poked the pirate’s back. “Leave my island now!” she bellowed. Captain John swerved around and, with a swift movement, knocked the spear from Isabelle’s hand.

“No. You leave. And tell those brainless birds, tigers, cheetahs-AH, GET IT OFF- and bears to back off!” he yelled back in pain. Isabelle swallowed.

Then, in a very low whisper she said, “Great Arrow, retreat. Tell the ground animals to leave. Repeat, do the same.”

Elizabeth looked at her with a long, confused gaze. Trust me, Isabelle hoped she got the message. She watched as her tiger lead his army away from the enemy. Repeat was a little slower.

“Learned your lesson? Learned your lesson?” squawked the parrot at Captain John. Isabelle was mad now. “Repeat, I said LEAVE!” Repeat squawked a few orders to his bird friends, and then flew away.

“Ah, Captain John,” began Isabelle, “you have a choice. Tell us where the treasure is, and we’ll safely deliver you back to where ever you live. Or, don’t tell us, and get forced off the island. Your choice.”

She glared at Captain John, all the while wishing Elizabeth knew what she was supposed to do.

Finally, Elizabeth left, climbing up into the treehouse, searching for weapons. Captain John had not noticed, still surprised by Isabelle’s obvious command over the animals.

“So what will it be?” Isabelle asked, tapping the jungle floor with her foot. “Time is ticking by…oh, and speaking of that, if you don’t choose something soon, I will properly dispose of you,” she motioned to Elizabeth, who staggered under the weight of all the weapons.

Captain John sighed deeply, as if thinking about what he should do. The lass could be lying, he thought to himself, but she could not be. I do want to see my family. Hmmm…

“Hurry up!” urged Isabelle, shattering Captain John’s thoughts. She picked a shiny sword off the top of the pile of weapons. “Or else…”

Captain John swallowed. “Fine. My answer is…..

To be continued but the author plans to take a short break before concluding the adventure…