The Jungle Princess…Part 5

Tree-House-Plans-for-AdultsCaptain John grimaced as he pushed through prickly thorns. When he finally exited the largely depressing amount of plants, he sat down, which was a very bad choice.

The pirate swung around, and grabbed a thorn out of his bottom.


Slowly, the captain stood to his feet, and looked around. He turned to his right. He turned to his left. Everywhere looked the same.

“Lost?” came a taunting voice from above. Captain John shaded his eyes to see Isabelle swinging from vine to vine.

“NO!” he yelled back. (But in his head he was saying ‘yes’ a million times. ) Isabelle dropped lightly to the wet ground.

She smiled at him, and sighed. “You know, I could easily get rid of you. But I’m getting lots of complaints from my….friends,” She figured that was the best word for the jungle animals, “and they want to deal with you personally.”

“You have friends?” Captain John questioned.

Isabelle laughed. “Don’t we all have at least one?” She wondered in her head, though, if Captain John really did have any. “Except maybe you,” she added quickly. Captain John glared at her.  Silence. 

“I’d like to meet these-what did you call them? Oh, yes-friends of yours.” His evil smile reappeared.

“Fine! But if you lay one finger on them you’re DEAD!”

“Alright,” he answered.

“Follow me,” answered Isabelle. Swiftly, she grabbed the Captain’s pistol from his belt. “And you won’t be needing this,” she added, tossing the weapon under a giant, menacing thorn bush. Now it was her turn for an evil smile. “Don’t fall behind!” she yelled, and pushed through a huge clump of elephant leaves.

Captain John realized there was nothing to do but follow, so reluctantly, he walked behind Isabelle. Every second or so, Isabelle would look behind her to double-check that Captain John was following.

When at last Isabelle and the pirate reached the treehouse, Isabelle swiveled around and said, “Now, I need to tell my friends you’re here, so don’t go anywhere or else-” she held up her clenched fist and glared. Captain John nodded.

He watched as Isabelle climbed up the complicated staircase and opened a large window. Every friend of Isabelle’s-or the birds she had befriended- flew out the window all at once. Repeat zipped out first, and attacked Captain John on the behind.

“OUCHY!!” Then it was the ground animals’ turn. From behind the treehouse, came Great Arrow, a cheetah, a hippo, and a great big bear. They lunged for the pirate.

Isabelle shut the window and turned to Elizabeth. She was sharpening one of Isabelle’s homemade arrows.

“Let’s go get that scoundrel!” she said with a smile.

To be continued…