The Jungle Princess… Part 3

Isabelle locked eyes with the greedy, yellow-toothed man. Then, very slowly, she reached behind her back and tried to pull out her spear.

“Oh, no you don’t,” snarled the man, as he held out a pistol. “Don’t you dare make a move, or else-” he looked down at his gun.

Isabelle didn’t need any translations- she knew perfectly what he meant. But instead of giving up, Isabelle held out her spear. “How about a fight-or are you too scared?” she said.

“Ok, bring it on!”  the man answered. Slowly, he pulled back the trigger, and- BANG!

Isabelle hopped to the side, and then realized with horror that Elizabeth was right behind her. There she lay, staring at her leg, which had been lightly hit by the bullet. “YOU! Ugh! I’ll get you for this you-you-” the murderous man gave an evil laugh, and turned to leave.

But Isabelle wasn’t finished with him.

Her spear whizzed through the air, and pegged him to a nearby tree by his sleeve. He wore a shocked expression, and then an ugly smile. “You’ll never be able to track me down, you silly, worthless little-”

Isabelle stalked up to him and grabbed him by the collar. “Don’t call me silly, or worthless again!”

The helpless thieve jerked back from Isabelle’s grip, and tore his sleeve in two, trying to get away. “I’ll find that chest myself!” he growled.

“No you won’t! You’ll never find it!” Isabelle yelled back angrily.

Then, Isabelle glanced down at her new friend and winced. Elizabeth needed help-and fast. So dragging her into the forest, Isabelle set her by a palm tree, and whistled for her pet tiger, Great Arrow. He was a great protector of Isabelle’s, and a trustworthy friend. She carefully lifted Elizabeth onto Great Arrow, and sent him off to her treehouse. “Be careful!” Isabelle called after Great Arrow. Then she picked up her spear, and narrowed her eyes. She had more work to do.

Swiftly, Isabelle swung through the vines, and dropped to the ground. Ahead of Isabelle loomed her giant trespasser. Quickly, she moved closer to her enemy. Then, Isabelle hopped into the tree above her prey, and dropped a giant net on him. The cruel man was caught. Or, at least, for now.

“Who are you?” Isabelle demanded. “You’re caught, so spill the beans, ‘k?”

The now-captive prisoner sighed, and glowered up at Isabelle. “Fine. Name’s Captan John.”

Captain John? Sounds familiar. Isabelle thought to herself.

“Captain of which crew?” she asked.

“The Skulls.”

Isabelle gasped. The Skulls, her own-once-captors?! “Oh really,” Isabelle said with a smirk. “The Skulls? I remember them.”

“Isabelle?” Captain John gasped. “I thought you were dead!”

To be continued….