The Jungle Princess…Part 2

Isabelle raced past the stream, through the wild jungle, and to the very edge of the forest, where she stopped abruptly. Carefully, she peeked through the palm trees and  saw the remains of a boat. Planks of wood floated lazily on the waves, where a young girl clutched a piece.

The girl’s hair was twisted up in a bun, with a strand of blond hair dangling down. “Help!” she screeched. Isabelle rolled her eyes at Repeat, who stood behind her. “That’s not a man… that’s a lady!” Repeat seemed annoyed as well, and flew farther down the beach, as if to be showing Isabelle something. On the sand, stood a man.

He twisted his mustache, and greedily eyed the jungle. “Oh, yes, yes, this island is perfect,” he said to himself, with a yellow-toothed smile. Isabelle looked again at the water. But the girl wasn’t there. “Repeat, stay here. I think that girl is drown-” she didn’t finish, for she had already jumped into the water.

Feverishly, Isabelle searched underwater for the girl. Finally, she felt the child’s large hoop skirt brush her arm. Reaching down, Isabelle yanked the girl above water, and helped her to the shore. Coughing, the girl slowly pulled herself up.

“Are you okay?” Isabelle asked.

The young girl nodded and said, “I think so.” Isabelle smiled.

“Good, I’m glad.”

The child stood, and brushed sand off of her dress. “My name’s Elizabeth Courte,” she said, with an English accent. “What’s yours?”

Isabelle stood tall, and said, “Isabelle.”

“Oh, um, what’s your last name?” Elizabeth asked.

“Uh- well, you see, I don’t really know. I was abandoned here when I was young, and the pirates-”

Elizabeth cut her off. “Pirates? How fascinating!”

Isabelle frowned. “No they’re not. They’re horrible, murderous thieves!” Elizabeth didn’t try to argue.

Isabelle also didn’t feel like explaining her life story to Elizabeth, so instead she said, “Who’s your shipmate?”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at the man and huffed. “Oh, he’s the captain of my father’s ship, but he’s so greedy!  He rammed the boat into a giant rock because he wasn’t paying attention. He was counting his money! So, that’s why I’m here.” Isabelle didn’t like the sound of this man.

“Elizabeth, get over here! Where have you been?!” he roared. Elizabeth looked hurt.

“As if you cared!” she cried. The man shoved her to the side. “Where’s that treasure chest?” he growled. What treasure chest? Isabelle thought to herself. “I’m not telling,” she said, placing her hands on her hips.

To be continued…