The Little Rascals

LittleRascalsSaveTheDay DVD The comical gang, The Little Rascals, are back in an all-new adventure. I watched this PG rated tale last night-for the second time in a row.


When beloved Grandma is deeply in debt to the bank, Mary Jane, Alfalfa, Stymie, Spanky, Buckwheat, Petey and Porky must help save the day. But can they raise $10,000? Many crazy ideas begin forming in Spanky’s head. Signing up for the local talent show is just one of them. The International Silver String Submarine Band really needs work. And when pretty and proper Darla (the girl Alfalfa likes) signs up for the talent show with the Rascals’ enemy, things get even worse.

Will the Rascals ever be able to save Grandma’s bakery?

What I Liked The Most:

I loved the awesome inventions that the Rascals came up with: a taxi that runs on Petey, the dog. The way it works? Petey runs on a treadmill chasing a cat through a screen. Another invention was a treehouse with a burglar alarm. My brother who likes engineering, even admitted the inventions were cool. I also loved a particular character, Stymie, who was one of the funniest kids, other than Buckwheat. (who made hilarious faces.)

Characters Who Reminded Me Of Real People:

Petey, the sweet dog that belongs to the gang, reminded me of my own dog, Jack. They both were playful, but Petey, unfortunately knew more tricks. Also, the leader, Spanky, kind of reminded me of myself- we both had lots of ideas, and both like to be the leader of things.

Overall Review:

This is a great movie for most kids, and is a good laugh for the whole family. The Rascals make some cool inventions, and are always up to mischief.


8 thoughts on “The Little Rascals

  1. Erik Segalini says:

    Allison, I think your review was better than the movie. Great job on telling us some personal reasons for connecting with the film. And thanks for singing that “Candy Girl” song a little less often. I know the bad guy performs it in the talent show with Darla, but I think your brother was going to move out if he heard the chorus come out of you or your sister’s mouth one more time…


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