The Papergirl…Continued

Sarah knew she had to get promotion somehow. “What on earth will get people to look..but not too much.” Sarah thought. Slowly, an idea formed in her head. “Father,” began Sarah in her man-voice. “When is my break?” Mr. Lue looked down at his daughter. “I’m not sure, Sar–I mean, Peter. Jerry knows. I think it’s in about in hour.”

Sarah blew a strand of hair of her sweaty forehead. “1 HOUR??” Sarah thought in horror. Sarah had begun to regret her job…but then she realized why she was doing this. Taking a shaky breath, she screeched another “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!” But as she yelled, her hat came loose. “Uh, oh.” Sarah said. She gripped her hat tightly. Shoving it back on top of her head, she screamed again.

Finally Jerry came out of a saloon, with his stubby fingers in his ears. “FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, PLEASE STOP YELLIN’!” He roared. Sarah stared at him angrily. He always was in a bad mood. As he stomped closer, he noticed Sarah’s hair sticking out of her loose hat. But he didn’t say anything, except good news for Sarah. “It’s yer’ break, youngin’.” Sarah leaped with joy. “Thank you Mr. Jerry! Oh than- I mean, thanks, Jerry!” She said, correcting her girly thank-you. Sarah could barely contain her jumpy attitude. But she slowly sauntered into a nearby store.

When she was inside, she slipped away into the craft section of the small western mercantile. It smelled like candy, fresh fabric and peppermint leaves. Breathing every scent in, she grabbed two sheets of paper and yanked a pencil from her pocket. When she was finished, she stepped back to admire her work. In very bumpy handwriting, were the words: NEWSPAPER (THE GOLDEN PAPER) ONLY 1 CENT!!

Sarah quickly raced up to the register. An old man shakily took the huge paper, and gave Sarah her change. Then, as soon as she received her letter back, Sarah dashed outside. A break had seemed like heaven only a moment ago…but now, only selling papers mattered.

Sarah ran through the dusty streets, past her father and Jerry, into the crowd of people and yelled but again, “EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT!” But this time, she waved the paper wildly. Soon, Sarah actually saw people come up. After an hour of hard work, Sarah had sold over 25 copies of the paper. By now, Sarah’s dad had noticed.

“Sarah, Sarah!” He exclaimed, breathlessly. “What has happened my child?” Suddenly his face fell. Sarah glanced worriedly around. Mr. Lue had said Sarah’s real name. Slowly, Sarah turned to glance at the crowd before her…but there was no crowd. “I’m safe!” Sarah whispered silently. Her father looked relieved. “How many papers did you sell?” he asked, a bit louder. Sarah smiled wide. She had counted the sold copies and noted 50 papers that were gone.


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