The Not-So-Early Bird

This morning, I had to wake up at 6:15. My brother was having his last day at a football camp hosted by Drew Brees, so I had to come along as well. My dad had told us the night before that we were going to hang out at Downtown Disney while my brother was at camp. I was extremely excited, and so was my younger sister.We planned on trading some adorable pins that we had collected.

After we finally figured out where on earth Downtown Disney was, sunblock was slathered on each of us. When that was done, I asked a nearby cast member when most of the shops opened. “Around 8:30 t0 9:00,” he answered.

I thanked him, and told my dad. Then we all walked across the empty road to the quiet shops. I looked to see when a favorite shop of mine opened. 10:00. Okay, what about the other one? 10:00. Great.

It was only about 8:00. So, what were we supposed to do? The only thing open was Starbucks, which, of course, my dad really needed. But it wasn’t very fun to hang around. The answer, I guess, was that we had a lot of “window shopping” to do.

For a really long time, we wandered around for 2 hours peeking in windows, dancing to music outdoors, and watching a hot air balloon sail high into the sky.

Finally, stores began to open. Natalie and I began searching for cast members with lanyards, like us. We were able to trade lots of pins, and even get spit on by Stitch. (Fortunately, he spat water, not actual spit.) We had a truly magical day, just like all the people there say.

Natalie and I even got “pixy dust”. And that stuff sure does spread. Now, all my dad has to do is try to get it out of his beard.


10 thoughts on “The Not-So-Early Bird

  1. Kellie Lipsky says:

    Allison I feel like I was there with you! I wish I was too! I’m glad stitch spit water and not bodily fluid! Hahaha sounds like you had a blast


  2. Emilie says:

    I’m so glad you got to go to Downtown Disney, Allison! I enjoy visiting there. You’ll have to ask your dad to tell you about the time I saw a movie at Downtown Disney and accidentally used the men’s restroom. It was a very sad mistake, but it made for a really funny blog post. 🙂


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